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Posted by peyoteclock - August 15th, 2008

Hey there newgrounds, as you've probably noticed today is CLOCK DAY 2008!!!

and of course with clockday comes a thousand spam flashes by nonclocks who don't have the talent to get movies through on any other day thus effectively pushing quality clock movies off the portal page robbing us of exposure BUT I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IT'S A CELEBRATION BITCH!!!!

all of that aside i've made a delightful little film called the clock crew variety show, it's a collection of 3 shorts guaranteed to whet your whistle, so without further ado i present to you, THE CLOCK CREW VARIETY SHOW!





Posted by peyoteclock - April 30th, 2008

Hey Now! Alright some of you might remember a while ago i made a news post regarding my pico day flash. Well the day has finally come and I've just submitted my movie, it's about darnell and i think it captures his essence relatively well. Any way check it out RIGHT HERE!!! and vote fairly!

also if any of you feel like leaving some reviews i'd be fine with that ;)

Posted by peyoteclock - April 4th, 2008

Hey newgrounds just making this post to let you know i'm working on a pico day flash. It's called "Darnell: Morning Dipz" and uses the track "morning dips" from cage's first cd "Movies for the Blind" as it's soundtrack. After i'm done that i'm going to do a part for a collab then either start work on my clockday flash or the first episode of my series, we'll see, anyway check back here on pico day for the link to my movie, i leave you with a screenshot!

Pico Day movie in the works!

Posted by peyoteclock - December 24th, 2007

Hey I've just submitted my clockmas flash to the portal, it's got a razor thin file size and is loaded with action and intrigue. there is no reason for you not to check it out!

Check it out Here!!!!!

anyway i hope you guys like it and have a wonderful rest of the holidays!

Posted by peyoteclock - October 29th, 2007

Hey newgrounds, some of you may have already seen it but last night I finished up my 3rd halloween film, have made one every year since 05.

you can check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

i've been working on it since late august, i put alot of time and effort into the frame by frame lol.

anyway i've been thinking i should do a christmas flick now but my computer died about 3/4s of the way through paraskitz. i had to finish production on my brothers laptop, dunno if i can get away with that sort of thing for another entrire film, maybe though. anyway i hope you guys like my movie :D

Posted by peyoteclock - August 15th, 2007

Happy Clockday Newgrounds!!!

Today is the most glorious day of the year, pure and magnificent. I submitted a film today you can find it here!

be sure to keep your eye out today for some of the great clock flash that is coming and has already came!

also check out my website SLOTHCORE INC. and the clock crew's website at CLOCKCREW.CC

Posted by peyoteclock - July 17th, 2007

Oh boy, NEWGroUnDS@!2

Damn, they really pimped the shit out of this place, it looks awesome and feels awesome too due to the new features and the what not. i'll let you all go about your business and find out what neat things await as i will be doing.

i'ma thank tom for including our lord and master in the portal and collection pages, h33d and ph33r children, h33d and ph33r.

also go to my website at slothcore.co.nr i have an oekaki bbs you can draw there if you like.