Pico Day movie in the works!

2008-04-04 18:18:46 by peyoteclock

Hey newgrounds just making this post to let you know i'm working on a pico day flash. It's called "Darnell: Morning Dipz" and uses the track "morning dips" from cage's first cd "Movies for the Blind" as it's soundtrack. After i'm done that i'm going to do a part for a collab then either start work on my clockday flash or the first episode of my series, we'll see, anyway check back here on pico day for the link to my movie, i leave you with a screenshot!

Pico Day movie in the works!


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2008-04-04 19:18:51

looks dcent to be honest.

peyoteclock responds:

ehhh thanks!


2008-04-04 19:43:41

Yay! Another movie to vote "0" on! (Not because it would be bad, it's just what I'm doing to celebrate Pico Day)

peyoteclock responds:

that's an odd way to celebrate.


2008-04-04 23:15:46

Looks pretty good im intruiged. I'd take the black outlines out of the fire.. it makes it look like its made of cardboard. just have it be no outlines on it.. same with water.

peyoteclock responds:

ehhh thanks for the show of interest! i'll try that ish out on the fire thanks for the advice.


2008-04-04 23:46:12


peyoteclock responds:

thanks gangsta!


2008-04-05 06:37:49

Will llook awesome l think

peyoteclock responds:

thank ya c: